Hosanna Chapel

Sunlight Chapel

This land is a living breathing entity which has guided our actions and restoration, just as it guided those who have gone before us. Chris identified the site one afternoon as he walked through that section of the gardens and was struck with the beauty of the imposing bank of old rhododendrons, in full bloom, as a backdrop. But the site was an overgrown mess of fallen trees, weeds and was very wet with many springs.


We spent several years preparing the site, landscaping, draining it to create the pond and clearing 50 years of fallen debris and weeds. We tried unsuccessfully to purchase and relocate a series of disused wooden churches and then designed our own, using cypress boards we milled from a century old local hedge, as well as recycled timber I collected.

The basic footprint of the building developed into the beautiful Hosanna Chapel, blending traditional worship space with a garden, inside with outside, earth with spirit. An inviting place of rest and prayer.


We have created the beautiful Hosanna Chapel as a place of rest and encounter. You are welcome to sit, give thanks, and enjoy the space as sacred. You can see more about hiring out the chapel through our Venue Hire page.